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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you are watching wbal fifth td 11. live, local, of late breaking. >> our big story, anne arundel county police arrest the brother
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of a hollywood actor on claims he abused several children. the victim's city abuse went on for nearly a decade. jennifer prius -- jennifer franciotti tells us authorities are trying to figure out if there were more victims of a >> the victims were only eight years old. >> it takes a lot of courage for victims to come forward with this information and present it. investigators acted quickly in conjunction with the state attorney's office. >> anne arundel county police are recommending the bravery of two males who alleged they withstood a decade of abuse at the hands of this man, a 66- year-old john charles villers- farrow. they mostly happened here at his home. they say it started in 2000 and lasted until 2008. the victims were about eight
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years old. the victims would sleep over with permission from their parents. it seemed he was taking on some sort of custodial role. when of the victims told police the abuse happened hundreds of times, so many that he lost count. >> it was determined these were numerous incidents involving these individuals that were miners at the time. >> police boarded the permission to the state attorney's office, which decided to file charges. john charles villers-farrow turned himself in thursday night. when we arrived at his home, a woman ran inside and told cameras to lead. when neighbors said he was not surprised. >> right now, he is being held on bond jennifer franciotti, wbal t b in revenues.
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>> in baltimore, police said -- arrest a man facing several sex offense charges. investigators say he approached -- approached the victim in a vehicle. he may have had sex with a girl instead of the vehicle. a jury finds a former student accused of stabbing her roommate to death not guilty by a jury returned the verdict hours after alexis simpson took the stand. she told the jurors that she had been bullied by her college roommate, and dominique frazier. she says she fought with her over loud music, but the fight escalated and she used the knife in self-defense. she had faced seven house. two accused child killers will go to trial. policarpio espinoza perez is
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accused of decapitating three relatives. it gives both the possibility for parole. in 2006, the men were convicted in the 2003 murders, but the state court of appeals voted in favor of a new trial because of an error on the part of the original trial judge. the third trial is set in march. lawmakers are getting a chance of former cia director david petraeus on the attacks in been gauzy, libya, that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others. somewhere -- some are accusing the white house of deliberately misleading the american public about the intention of the attack. petraeus sneaked in the building out of view of cameras. it is the fiscal face-off.
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the need to find a way to prevent automatic tax hikes and spending cuts from kicking in. our washington bureau reporter has more on how the spirit of cooperation is. in the nation's capital. >> we have heard about the. -- spirit of cooperation, but talks could fall anywhere on the scale between compromise and confrontation. >> we say we want to work on solutions. >> i am open to compromise in new ideas. >> i remain optimistic. >> we want an agreement, but not just lip service. both sides agree the government needs to bring more money in. the question is how to get to that growth. >> there are no barriers here to sitting down and beginning to work through the process. >> the white house says the plan will push $1 trillion on
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wealthy and businesses paid >> that will not break necks. they will still be wealthy. >> that is a sticking point for republicans. >> we do not understand why raising tax rates is the solution. >> there is incentive for both sides to come off the table. if we read off of the fiscal cut, which could lead to another recession. the president will talk to civil rights and advocacy groups about the same topic, similar to topics -- discussions he had with ceo's and labor unions. >> the sunshine is beginning to replace the clouds that have been in the area since yesterday. this morning, some of those showers produced spotty shower activity. the clouds are drifting east.
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they are beginning to cross the bay. more and more through the afternoon, more and more of you will see more sunshine working from the west to the east and that will bring temperatures up. it will still be below normal. we talked about the details going into the weekend coming up in just a minute. >> round one of the 2012 baltimore ravens pittsburgh steelers rivalry kicks off sunday night and it will be a different look. we will have a live pregame special sunday at 6:30 p.m.. still to come, say goodbye to your favorite twinkies.
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the latest on the house this announcement that they are going out of business. the jobs lost and what is going to be done with inventory. a deadly accident during a a deadly accident during a veterans day ♪
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♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review.
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>> federal investigators are converging on the west texas town of midland find out why a freight train left four dad and 16 injured. we have the latest. >> away to under tragic -- veterans turned traffic freight train barreling down the tracks. >> it was a chaotic scene. it was loud, noisy. >> witnesses say someone able to jump off of the float before the train jumped, but not everyone. among the fatalities joshua michael, who received two purple hearts. he pushed his wife all of the. she survived.
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ntsb investigators arrived today. >> we will be looking at information from the signals, making sure the dates and the lights were coming down. >> and video shows the bill gates and the lights working properly. -- the dates and lights working properly. the parade was quite to the need to with a banquet to honor the veterans who had been through so much, now this. >> still to come, the latest on the announcement that hostess is going out of business, in new concerns regarding the safety of a popular energy drink. >> the sunshine is coming in. insta-weather-plus forecast is just ahead. temperatures of up to 49 at the
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>> bad news for twinkie fans. was this is going out of business, filing a motion to close. they will lay off all 18,500 workers. officials say a nationwide strike crippled their ability to make and deliver products. bakery operations have been suspended, but delivery will continue and hostess brand retail stores will stay open to sell off already baked products. the united states post office reports a record loss of $15
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billion in 2012, all three times what they lost last year. $11.1 billion came from the future retiree fund. if they do not receive legislative help, they warn annual losses could exceed $21 billion by 2016. a final resort -- results are in for the grand prix of baltimore fewer people attended and it generated less money, but the race is viable, showing 2.8 of dollars in ticket sales, bringing 40 two $0.2 million into the economy. the city of baltimore received more than $1 million in tax revenue. a local economist considers it a win for baltimore. >> i think it is a fantastic way to display the city's ss to individuals, to a television
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audience -- assets to individuals, to a television audience. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake said it shows an opportunity for growth ahead. >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist and john collins. >> you can see the rain fl -- echo. there might have been a few sprinkles west of the bay. we are fixing that now. to conceive a tobias been in the clouds -- you can see a speed in the clouds. it is pulling out. the clouds are moving east, and we will get our share of sunshine through the afternoon. the left to get the sunshine will be the focus east of the bay. let's see how temperatures are
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responding. we see mild reading it. gaithersburg about 50. downtown, it be. -- 50. 42 in frederick. 58, east and. 48 on the boardwalk. satellite image, there is that swirl im -- in the cloud of a loosely connected with this blow out over the ocean. there have been a number of disturbances concentrated to the south of us. let's keep an eye on them to see what they do in the long term forecast. for the west, there is nothing here. the water up -- weather is unsettled for the rockies, westward, but this will be a
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dominant feature for us. a lot more sunshine this afternoon. scattered clouds to the east and west. 49-to-54. north wind at 5 miles an hour. generally clear skies tonight. temperatures will be down to 29- to-38. kind of chili. a meteor shower will be on going in the pre-dawn hours tomorrow morning and sunday morning. you might see as many as 10 per hour. the loan is a minor factor in this pair of blue light will not be an issue prepared -- if the moon is a minor factor in this. moonlight will not be an issue. there will be a battle between this high and this low. the bigger storm will be but.
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-- developing later on, near thanksgiving. it looks like we will not be effected, but it is still a few days away. we will have to keep an eye on the developing storms. temperatures in the 40 propel sunday during the game, and of course it is an evening game, so it will be cold out there. we are in the 50 politico for the next seven days, off 40's -- 50 politico for the next seven days, 40 compel for the lows. >> the fda is investigating links between five-hour-energy and 13 deaths. there is no evidence decaffeinated drinks called -- caused any of the deaths or the injuries, but an investigation is ongoing. it takes -- contains roughly the caffeine of one-to-two cups of
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coffee. the company says it should only be used by hard working adults needed extra boost of energy. a new study from the chapel for house statistics finds american adults drink an average of 100 calories a day from alcoholic drinks. almost 20% of men consume 300 calories from alcohol a day and adults taking the same amount from alcohol as they do in sugar-sweetened drinks today, the blockbuster -- drinks. a day, the blockbuster, "a twilight." a preview. >> i've never felt more allowed. >> the former morrell is getting
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used to her vampires super powers. when they come after the child, the call on her friends from around the world for an ethnic showdown. "breaking don pardo two" is rated pg-13. >> the wife of a high-ranking official in russia in an adaptation of the novel. she begins an affair with a handsome cavalry officer and an ultimatum is issued. rated r. >> that is what she said. >> things get complicated in silver linings playbook. brett pulley cooper has been released from a mental hospital after finding his wife cheating.
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he needs to jennifer lawrence, and the fight through neuroses. but as the box office previous. >> coming up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and another check of the insta- weather-plus forecast. first, a look at how
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south and night, the end of an era -- house brands is looking to go out of business if the era of what that means for a cut products fare -- if what that means for iconic product the bnd -- the toyota companies as we are looking at the cheapest prices in nearly a decade. a brawl is still leading questions for police. wheelock of how the massive crowd that turned violent was handled. now, your maryland lottery numbers. >> the maryland lottery celebrates purple friday all season long. >> happy purple friday. we are ready. 0 5 0
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050. introducing five-card cash. move it along. 7 6 3 1 7631 -- the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> one last look of forecast. >> we have a seven-day forecast, essentially dry. if there is willing to be rain, it will be self of us, and when they might be the highest chance. -- wednesday might be the highest chance. we will have to watch.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. a thank you for joining us
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♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review.

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